Robinah Namusisa 11/27/2010

Robina Namusisa age 13 years

Robinah Namusisa, age 13, is one of our orphans in Fort Portal, Uganda. In fact, her drawing of a tree is where the Ray of Hope in Africa logo originated.  I received word that she cannot go to school, and she is in really bad condition. Robinah needs a sponsor very badly.  Please, remember for very little, only $325.00 a year, of $109.00 per semester, you can give a quality life to a child who has nothing, not even a home. Your generous donation gives Robinah one good meal a day, her schooling, uniforms, books, and school materials, and, your life-saving gift to Robinah is tax deductible, that means you get it back at the end of the year in your tax-refund. If you chose to also donate just $20.00 a month, you can guarantee Robinah a quality diet all month. 

 Robinah’s story is featured in our book, “From the Pearl of Africa, Through a Child’s Eyes”.  Please, if you can and will sponsor Robinah, contact me at .  I don’t know how long she can make it without your help. Please open your heart to Robinah by letting God’s blessings flow to her through you. Thank you.